A Fall Wedding nestled amongst the water and trees of Shelter Island, NY


October 24, 2018

jessica bordner photography_0899.jpgSpent the first weekend of fall on Shelter Island with this beautiful couple. I immediately fell in love with the charm of the island and the drive up there. From fall festivals, to farmers markets, to enjoying morning coffee overlooking the water. It was straight out of a magazine. Kat + Jon (and of course their dog Stella) had the perfect day. Surrounded by cool breezes, laughter, small little intimate moments, the most beautiful first dance I’ve ever seen… I could relive this wedding over and over again and it would make me so happy. A huge thanks to Christina Craddock Photography for coming along on this adventure with me.

Dress: Hayley Paige

Catering: Hampton Art of eating

Tent: Sperry Tents

Rentals: A Rustic Affair, Marika’s Antiques

jessica bordner photography_0833.jpgjessica bordner photography_0835.jpgjessica bordner photography_0836.jpgjessica bordner photography_0834.jpgjessica bordner photography_0838.jpgjessica bordner photography_0840.jpgjessica bordner photography_0841.jpgjessica bordner photography_0843.jpgjessica bordner photography_0842.jpgjessica bordner photography_0844.jpgjessica bordner photography_0845.jpgjessica bordner photography_0846.jpgjessica bordner photography_0850.jpgjessica bordner photography_0849.jpgjessica bordner photography_0848.jpgjessica bordner photography_0851.jpgjessica bordner photography_0852.jpgjessica bordner photography_0853.jpgjessica bordner photography_0854.jpgjessica bordner photography_0857.jpgjessica bordner photography_0855.jpgjessica bordner photography_0856.jpgjessica bordner photography_0858.jpgjessica bordner photography_0859.jpgjessica bordner photography_0860.jpgjessica bordner photography_0861.jpgjessica bordner photography_0862.jpgjessica bordner photography_0863.jpgjessica bordner photography_0864.jpgjessica bordner photography_0865.jpgjessica bordner photography_0868.jpgjessica bordner photography_0866.jpgjessica bordner photography_0869.jpgjessica bordner photography_0867.jpgjessica bordner photography_0870.jpgjessica bordner photography_0871.jpgjessica bordner photography_0872.jpgjessica bordner photography_0873.jpgjessica bordner photography_0876.jpgjessica bordner photography_0879.jpgjessica bordner photography_0875.jpgjessica bordner photography_0874.jpgjessica bordner photography_0877.jpgjessica bordner photography_0878.jpgjessica bordner photography_0882.jpgjessica bordner photography_0880.jpgjessica bordner photography_0881.jpgjessica bordner photography_0883.jpgjessica bordner photography_0889.jpgjessica bordner photography_0886.jpgjessica bordner photography_0884.jpgjessica bordner photography_0887.jpgjessica bordner photography_0885.jpgjessica bordner photography_0888.jpgjessica bordner photography_0890.jpgjessica bordner photography_0891.jpgjessica bordner photography_0892.jpgjessica bordner photography_0894.jpgjessica bordner photography_0893.jpgjessica bordner photography_0896.jpgjessica bordner photography_0897.jpgjessica bordner photography_0898.jpgjessica bordner photography_0895.jpg

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