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February 22, 2016

Today, I am talking about what’s in my camera bag and when and why I use each of my lenses throughout a wedding day. When I was first starting out I was desperate to learn about different equipment and I always loved researching and learning from the photographers I always looked up to. Hopefully this post gives you a good head start. First up, my camera bag….

I’ve tried a few bags throughout the years and I finally found one that fits me and what I do perfectly! The Kelly Moore Kate bag… I also bring with me my Jill-E roller bag I’ve had from day one and it’s lasted years of weddings and airplane travel. Unfortunately I do not think she makes it anymore.

The Sweet Sweet Prime Lenses…. I learned after about a year in, I LOVED using prime lenses. I own all prime’s with the exception of my 70-200 2.8. Ok so lets chat about what I have and why!

First Up…. My favorite and most used lens, the 50mm 1.2
I have this baby on about 80% of the wedding day. From details, to portraits, to the ceremony I am reaching for this lens most of the day. If I had to choose one lens to shoot an entire wedding with, this would be it!

Lindsay and Jason -50mm -f2.5 -1/1000 -iso100

8.5mm 1.2 aka the butter lens. When I use this for portraits they are golden with an amazing depth of field. It’s a trickier lens to use so I don’t necessarily suggest it if your just starting out. I use this for small group bridesmaid shots, bridal portraits, bouquet details and bridal prep. I’m in love with the images I take with this beauty.

Christine and Sam -85mm -f1.8 -1/500 -iso125

100mm 2.8 Macro lens. I shoot details and ring shots with this baby. Its sharp and I typically am manually focusing to get the sharpness I want. I’ve heard other photographers use this for ceremonies and portraits too!

Sarah and Chris -100mm -f3.5 -1/80 -iso160

35mm 1.4 a perfect wide lens. I use this to capture whats going on in an entire room. I also use it for bridal party and family portraits when needed.  I love it for a far away shot of the entire ceremony from behind. I do not use it enough for bride and groom portraits, and it’s a goal of mine to use it more this year because it produces amazing images.

Tracey + Freddy -35mm -f2.5 -1/320 -iso200


24mm 1.4 super wide lens! Great for shooting in tight spaces. It’s also great for really large groups. Be careful not to frame the image without space on each side as it does have a little distortion to it. You can make some fun portraits with it as well. I love using this lens for the dance floor party at the reception. The images really make you feel like you are right there in the action.

Lauren + Hillary -24mm -f2.2 -1/400- Iso320

70-200mm 2.8 It’s HEAVY but amazing for when you really need it. I have to admit, this baby has been in my lens storage for a little bit, but I plan to dust it off this year. It’s a great lens to use during a ceremony so you can be hidden but still get up close shots. Especially if you are shooting in venues that don’t allow you in certain areas during the ceremony. I like to use this lens as a second shooter as well. It allows you to be out of your main shooters shots, while still being able to capture some amazing portraits.

Kim and Rich -70-200mm at 200mm -f2.8 -1/160 -iso800 (this was in a church from the back of the church at night, no flash)

Whats Next?
I’ve been eyeing the 135mm 2.0mm for the past year. Because it’s prime and lightweight I think I would opt for this lens more then my 70-200mm. Does anyone out there have this lens? I would love any recommendations!

As a natural light photographer I was reluctant to dive into using OCF but with the 600ex flashes by canon it made the job super smooth. In certain reception venues, having 2-3 OCF set up, is a dream and creates beautiful images.

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